From blogger and author Ruth Meyer, TruthNotes is a devotional of timeless truth in a changing world that will take you through the year on a faith-filled journey that includes all the blog posts you know and love, plus a few bonus posts never published before.

Children's Books

N is for Nativity

From Advent to Zechariah, each page features a letter of the alphabet, helping teach children their ABCs in the context of the Christmas story. It is bound to last for countless readings with the children in your life.

The Sola Series

Stand Alone

Stand Alone, the fourth book in the Sola Series, is a story for anyone who's ever had to enter a new phase of life. It is about identity, character, and standing up for the truth, because God promises His children will never stand alone.

Hope Alone

Hope Alone, the third book in the Sola Series, is a story for anyone who's ever dealt with unexpected change. It is about transformation, trust, and hope in the midst of uncertainty, because God is the only one who never changes.

Faith Alone

Faith Alone, the second book in the Sola Series, is a story for anyone who's ever been faced with a seemingly impossible decision. It is about redemption, reconciliation, and clinging to faith in the bleakest of circumstances, because God works all things for the good of those who love Him.

Faith Alone is now available as an audiobook!

Grace Alone

Grace Alone, Ruth's debut novel, is a story for anyone who's ever made a mistake. It is about forgiveness, hope, and grace in the midst of a messy life, because God specializes in new beginnings.

Grace Alone is now available as an audiobook!

What People Are Saying

  • Mrs. Meyer brings her characters to life in this novel and even though it's fiction, I felt connected to them. The “unexpected” twists in the book prevented me from putting it down. I had to keep reading. The Bible references fit perfectly. I am eager to see more of Mrs. Meyer's writings and I highly recommend this book.

    - Roberta

  • This was an excellent read of Christian fiction. It had twists and turns to the very end. Well done, Ruth Meyer.

    - Kathleen

  • It's easy to see through this book that the Gospel is for everyone, and no sin is too big for Jesus to forgive. I hope Ruth Meyer writes another one!

    - Amazon customer

  • Couldn't put it down. Not your typical Christian fiction. She writes from a real world perspective.

    - Amazon customer

  • This book was amazing...I'm so glad I decided to read it. I cried a ton. I couldn't sleep until I finished it. It's literally 3:30am right now. The twists, suspense, and moments of tension were masterful.

    - Claire

  • Thanks, Ruth, for your brave characters who face hard circumstances—full of faith and filled with God's grace.

    - Christina Hergenrader, Lutheran author

  • Faith Alone will draw you in from the first page, and yet, you won't want to see it end.

    - Kristen

  • This is a sweet Christian novel, full of realistic family drama.

    - Reader's Favorite

  • I was eagerly anticipating the sequel to Grace Alone after becoming so invested in the characters in the debut novel. Faith Alone did not disappoint. The story picked up right where it left off and I was quickly drawn into the next chapter of the characters' lives.

    - Kaethe

  • Another brilliant novel from this amazing author!

    - Reader's Favorite

  • When I pick up a book by Ruth Meyer, her characters draw me into their hearts and homes.

    - Deb

  • I was hooked into this series from the first book, and the story continues to get better.

    - Goodreads review

  • Ruth Meyer has once again crafted a gripping story that doesn't shy away from the hard and the messy of life.

    - Sarah Baughman, author

  • This is a great read and Ruth is brilliant in her writing because she will have you laughing and crying for this admirable family!

    - Esther

  • Every time Ruth publishes another book in this series, I just feel like I'm going back into my comfort zone with a family that I keep rooting for.

    - Melissa